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You don’t have to block the market on every hotel and motel account year after year if you have a superior product that no one else has

Custom Hotel Insurance Package

Insurance industry veterans and hotel owners have come together to create the perfect hotel insurance package. We evaluated thousands of loss runs and identified key loss drivers that keep owners awake at night. From these losses and franchise requirements, we designed a comprehensive policy that eliminates pesky minimum premiums for buying 7+ lines of insurance.

E-Commerce Hotel Insurance Program

Hotel Risk Manager offers the only paperless program for coastal hotel insurance.  We harness big data to provide a rate indication with only an address.  Appointed brokers can buy up limits at the point of sale.  The policy is delivered instantly upon binding.  With 12-month billing, your client may forget their expiration date.

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Our combination of product and technology excels in the coastal hotel market, unleashing massive potential for our brokers.

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