Brokers, look at what you have accomplished with the limited tools available; inefficient wholesalers and complicated ISO forms.  Now, imagine what you could do with a revolutionary product that destroys the competition.

Yes, we do offer an e-commerce system with monthly autopay, instant policy delivery, and other powerful Features, but this is of little advantage with the same old ISO forms.  That’s why we designed a new policy from scratch that contains every coverage and line of business a hotel owner needs.

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$150,000,000 premium in this niche, are you getting your share?

source: National Weather Service,

Expansive Niche

6000+ hotel/motel locations along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast within our underwriting guidelines

Tight-Knit Community

Once you impress a few owners with your product, prepare for the flood of referrals

Untapped Potential

Be the first in your region to deploy Hotel Risk Manager, and see your competitors scramble to find an answer

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